Biotherapy Medical and Maggot Debridement Therapy
clinical practice

Clinical application of biobag method
(The standard duration of maggot application is 4-6 days.)

Pictures are provided by Dr. Fleischmann, Bietigheim Hospital, Germany.
<The day before treatment>
Stop using any topical ointments or creams that might inhibit the growth of maggots. If the wound surface is covered with hard and dry necrotic tissue, it is best to soften the wound bed using wet gauze or a hydrocolloid/hydrogel dressing
<Day 1>
1. Wound bed preparation

Ensure that no ointment, cream or dressing material remains on the wound.

Photo01. Biobag in the vial
2. Setting the biobag on the wound

(1) Put the biobag on the wound.

photo02 Photo03
(2) Cover the biobag with a few pieces of wet gauze and fix them lightly with tape. Photo04 Photo05
(3) Lightly place a bandage over the gauze. Photo06. Foot covered with bandage.
< Days 2–5>

(1) Check daily to ensure that the biobag remains centered on the wound.

(2) If necessary, the biobag can be temporarily removed and the wound can be observed and rinsed out.

<Day 6>
1. Removal of the outer dressings

Remove the outer bandage and gauze.

Photo07 Photo08
2. Removal of the biobag

Remove the biobag. If necessary, open it and check the size of the maggots.

Photo09 Photo10