Biotherapy Medical and Maggot Debridement Therapy
Product lineup 
Product name Spec
Free Maggot Free Maggot 30 30 maggots /tube
Free Maggot 50 50 maggots /tube
Free Maggot 75 75 maggots /tube
Free Maggot 100 100 maggots/tube
Free Maggot 125 125 maggots /tube
Free Maggot 150 150 maggots /tube
Net Boot for
Free Maggot
Net Boot ・28x34cm
Maggot Bag
Maggot Bag 3 3x3cm
40 maggots
Maggot Bag 4 4x4cm
70 maggots
Maggot Bag 5 5x5cm
100 maggots
Maggot Bag 6 6x6cm
150 maggots
Maggot Bag 7 7x7cm
200 maggots
Maggot Bag 8 8x8cm
250 maggots
Maggot Bag 9 9x9cm
300 maggots
Custom-made Maggot Bag Maggot Bag tailored to the size of the wound
Production facilities 
Clean room
FED-STD-209 class 10000
Breeding room with more than 3000
blow flies
Sterilization operation in a clean bench