Biotherapy Medical and Maggot Debridement Therapy
clinical practice

Options for dressing

Flowchart for a choosing a dressing method
<Net boot method>
A method in which a net boot is used to cover extremities. The boot is widely used for its convenience and because of the low risk of maggots escaping. Commercial stockings involve some risk of escape, so these specially made net boots are normally used.
<Cage dressing method>
A method in which a cage-like dressing is constructed and used to treat wounds on the body trunk for which a net boot cannot be used. It has the disadvantage of being time-consuming to apply and involves some risk of maggots escaping.
<Biobag method>
A method using a pouch-like mesh bag that contains maggots. The biobag is convenient, ivolves almost no risk of maggots escaping, and can reduce the pain that may arise as one of the side effects. It also has the advantage of allowing clinicians to observe and rinse out wounds if necessary. On the other hand, it cannot properly debride heavily uneven wounds or wounds with pockets or dead spaces.